Add Mobile to the Mix to Extend the Reach of Your Marketing Mail Campaigns

Marketing mail and mobile advertising are two of the most effective communications channels. Together, they’re even more powerful.

Fri Oct 26 13:16:00 EDT 2018

Add Mobile to the Mix to Extend the Reach of Your Marketing Mail Campaigns

When it comes to driving engagement, marketing mail and mobile advertising are two of the most effective communications channels.

Research shows 65 percent of marketing mail recipients made a purchase or responded to an offer, while 47 percent of shoppers actually visited a store in reaction to an offer they received in the mail.

Meanwhile, mobile is becoming an increasingly relevant channel for direct response and engagement. Data shows 76 percent of shoppers have engaged with a mobile ad they saw in the previous six months, while around 28 percent of all transactions occur on mobile.

When physical and digital communications work together, they’re even more effective. Adding just one digital channel to your marketing mail campaign yields a 118 percent increase in response rate and up to a 28 percent higher conversion rate.

What’s behind these numbers, and what do you need to know to coordinate a sophisticated, synchronized mail and mobile campaign?

Why mail + mobile campaigns are so successful

The path to purchase for your average customer can be winding. Data suggests anywhere between 7 to 12 touchpoints are required before a customer will make a purchase, but buying journeys these days are so scattered and complex, that it can be hard to draw a straight line from any single marketing activity all the way through to a sale.

Multichannel marketing provides your business with the opportunity to stay top-of-mind wherever your customer might be, and combining marketing mail and mobile is particularly powerful because of how effective both channels are separately.

But, what do you need to successfully execute a mail and mobile campaign?

  • Creative – If you’ve developed artwork and copy for a marketing campaign, you can leverage that material to quickly create mobile banner ads, as well.
  • Data – This is harder to achieve without the right technology solution. To ensure your campaign is targeted and personalized, you’ll need to be able to match the customer’s physical address to their mobile device ID, along with demographic, behavioral and historical data attributes.
  • Attribution – Can you gauge the success of the campaign across both physical and digital channels, and accurately attribute sales conversions to specific activities within your campaign?

Putting it in practice

So, how does it look when mail and mobile are working together as they should? Here’s a real-world example.

The Pitney Bowes Demand Generation team needed to sell more postage meters with the same demand generation budget, and while the team had always used multiple independent marketing channels, it had never brought those separate efforts together. So, they set a campaign in motion that combined mobile ads and marketing mail efforts.

The campaign targeted 520,000 prospects with marketing mail; 100,000 of those prospects also received mobile ads before, during and after the in-home mail date. Recipients who received both forms of communication converted at a rate 100 percent higher than those who only received the direct mail.

That’s just one example of how combining marketing mail and mobile improves conversion rates and ROI. With the right technology partner, you can easily add digital touches to your marketing mail for a significant performance boost.

Pitney Bowes Presort Services goes the extra mile to help you reach levels of marketing mail performance that exceed your expectations, and your customers’ expectations, too. Read “Add More Muscle to Marketing Mail,” or visit to learn more.

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