New Mail Center Tech Makes Your Job Easier

Advancements in technology deliver new capabilities, offer opportunities to do more for less and level the playing field between those with a lot of resources and those with few.

Thu May 28 13:09:43 EDT 2015

When the new iPhone hit the market, Apple fanatics weren’t the only ones excited by its new capabilities. Filmmakers applauded the phone’s improved video camera. According to Apple executive Phil Shiller, it shoots at a quality that is on-par with many of today’s high-end DSLRs.

For filmmakers, it’s now possible to shoot entire feature films for much less money and with more flexible hardware. In an interview with WIRED, director Ricky Fosheim – who filmed an entire movie on the iPhone – wondered if “hundreds” of films would be shot on the iPhone.

This is just one example of how innovation changes the way we work and play. Advancements in technology deliver new capabilities, offer opportunities to do more for less and level the playing field between those with a lot of resources and those with few.

It’s no different for your mail and shipping center. Carriers today are embracing innovative mail center technology to reduce operational overhead, eliminate risks and unlock savings. Here are three ways that advancements in mail center technology are changing things for the better.

1. Consolidation offers efficiency

Many mail centers hum with the persistent whir of numerous printers, inserters and sorters, all working in tandem to help you print and prepare mail. While many of those machines were once on the cutting edge of mail center operations, newer systems allow you to do much more with less.

Modern mail systems are modular, consume less floor space and adapt to fit any size facility. Today’s systems are also far more efficient than their predecessors. For example, you can process a number of mailpieces and flats with a single new inserting system much more efficiently than you could running several older inserters at the same time. On top of that, you’ll save on the cost of maintenance, storage space and staff.

2. The new capabilities expand possibilities for you

Technology also opens new doors. While shooting his independent film “Tangerine” on an iPhone, director Sean Baker was able to film several scenes while riding his bicycle in circles around his actors, according to The Verge. That offered him a unique shot that would have been much trickier to film with bulkier film cameras.

Similarly, advancements in mail center technology are unlocking new opportunities for mailers. While the cost to print documents in color may not have been economical in the past, today’s digital printing systems allow you to print in both monochrome and color for a much lower cost per piece. That enables mailers to take advantage of the proven benefits of color marketing.

3. Automation increases output

Newer systems also enable greater levels of automation, which in turns allow you to ramp up production without needing to bring in additional staff. That’s especially important as pressure on parcel carriers and shippers increases from a growing ecommerce market. Online retail is expected to continue its steady growth through 2017, which will increase the number of packages shippers will need to process at speed. By embracing automation in the shipping center in the form of automated mail and parcel sorters, carriers can turn this pressure into a business opportunity.

Ultimately, that’s how carriers and mailers should view the development of new technology. It’s a clear opportunity to reduce inefficiencies and increase revenue.

Learn more about how today’s automated parcel sorting solutions and modular inserting systems can help you optimize your mail and shipping center operations for high-growth.