How Nonprofits Can Expedite Statement Mailing

Being able to streamline statement mailing operations is essential for nonprofits to ensure continue revenue as well as continuing care for its patrons.

Tue Feb 23 13:41:00 EST 2016

For those of us – friends, relatives and other loved ones – that struggle with mental health issues, substance abuse or physical and/or psychological disabilities, nonprofit treatment centers like Centerstone provide a refuge of comfort and help. The staff at Centerstone facilities – which span Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee – offer a wide range of specialized care services that ensure patients who need a hand in overcoming whatever physical or mental adversity they face get the help they deserve.

It’s clear that Centerstone is offering a force of good and change in its communities, as they project 35 to 40 percent growth over the next three years. That may be welcome news for families with loved ones who can benefit from Centerstone’s help, but for the center’s already busy staff members, it means higher volumes of mail – specifically billing statements – to process and send out every month.

Centerstone had already been struggling with inefficiencies and higher costs in its statement mailing operation. Not only did the task of stuffing and sending envelopes with statements eat up a significant amount of labor – both in the number of staffers it takes and the hours spent – but they were also forced to pay full amounts for postage, due to falling short of the Postal Service’s minimum quantity zip code requirements.

Consider how delicate continuing care at a treatment center like Centerstone is to the well-being of their patients – and how easily that care can be disrupted by a missed payment, or a lost statement. Or the potential for revenue losses if statements aren’t sent quickly, or are delayed in the mailroom. In both of these scenarios, where a small business may be struggling to keep pace with their outgoing mail flow, it’s imperative to turn to outside solutions for the relief needed.

That’s what Centerstone did, implementing Pitney Bowes’ Mailstream On Demand for a quicker and more efficient way to send billing statements. Using customer billing data provided by Centerstone, Mailstream On Demand both generates and distributes statements. For easier customer response, the system also provides return envelopes and additional payment options, including credit card, email or over the phone.

By integrating Mailstream On Demand into their mailing operations, not only has Centerstone seen statement-driven revenue increase from between 30 to 100 percent, but it also has been able to free up staff members who would otherwise be spending hours on stuffing and sending envelopes. This helps encourage greater productivity and attention toward patient care.

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