Live from the 2017 National Postal Forum - Kickoff

USPS Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, kicks off the 2017 National Postal Forum (NPF) announcing USPS Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility as key initiatives that combine the power of physical and digital to drive greater return for mail owners, mail service providers, and marketers.

Mon May 22 09:39:00 EDT 2017

THE BIG moment is finally here.

Right now Megan Brennan, the USPS CEO and Postmaster General is officially kicking off The 2017 National Postal Forum!

I am excited to be here among 4000+ professionals from the mailing and shipping industry. All of us are gathered here with a singular purpose of making informed connections. Megan is on stage sharing her vision and strategies for enabling the mailing and shipping industry's growth.

Here is what I'm hearing:

Don’t get rid of that mailbox just yet.

As Mark Twain once said, “the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”. Your mailbox wants to tell you the same!

Businesses across the verticals are reporting that 75% of consumers still prefer paper statements.

What is changing though is increasing consumer engagement in the digital channel. Not only millennials but also all generations are increasing their preference for the digital channel.

That leads to the one of the biggest USPS innovation in mail in recent years:  Informed Delivery.

So what is Informed Delivery?

Simply stated, informed delivery scans your ‘soon to arrive’ mail and emails it to you ahead of time. You get a heads up of what’s arriving in mail, even if you are traveling or simply haven’t made the trudge down the drive way to check your mailbox. USPS will notify other members of the household as well (if they have signed up) without them having to check the mail pile on the kitchen table.

As a mail owner or mail services provider, USPS lets you design and track a campaign around it with the ability to add additional digital elements such as video, web URLs, and targeted offers.

Wait, you want to know more without having to sift through all the details. Watch this Interactive Personalized Video – Informed Delivery Interactive Experience.

In partnership with Pitney Bowes, USPS created this interactive video experience using EngageOne® Video solution. This engaging experience allow you to drill-down to the precise information you need and care about the most quickly. [Read the press release here.]

In fact, this is in line with another broader trend in the market.

Consumers are increasingly expecting brands to serve them with just what they need, when they need it.

Personalized, relevant, timely.

Despite privacy concerns, there’s an implicit understanding among consumers in sharing their information with mail owners as long as it helps them serve their specific needs.

That naturally leads mail owners to recognize the need to create a 360 view of each of their target customers, however, that’s easier said than done.

The reality is that the information about consumers is strewn all over their internal systems and databases, as well as in external sources such as social media. 

To collate, consolidate and cleanse that information in an efficient manner and creating that single customer view that’s easily sharable manner across various departments becomes critical.

Moreover, in order to better to serve the consumer based on their current location, they need to conflate the single view of the customer with additional data points such as points of interest, neighborhood and tax jurisdiction boundaries and demographics.

That lays the data-driven foundation for mailers to personalize their mail and present offers that are relevant and timely, ultimately driving greater return on mail.

Innovation. Opportunity. Success.

In the end, it all comes down to this – Innovation. Opportunity. Success. Innovation in mail that leads to additional opportunity to reach customers which in turn leads to successfully driving growth and long term competitiveness.

The USPS Postmaster General got us started spectacularly, now it is up to all of us here to make the most of it.

If any of the above interests you, come see us at Pitney Bowes booth #413.

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