5 reasons you should join Pitney Bowes at NPF 2017

Here are five reasons we’re excited about NPF ’17 – and why you should be excited, too.

Fri May 19 13:54:00 EDT 2017

We’re t-minus two days from the start of the shipping and mailing industry’s premier, annual trade show, National Postal Forum (NPF). If you haven’t registered for the event yet, there’s still time to do so on-site tomorrow, Saturday May 20th, at the Baltimore Convention Center. As always, we’re very excited here at Pitney Bowes for this year’s NPF, not only because of what we’ll be showing at our booth, but also for this year’s game changing focus on combining the power of physical and digital for greater business impact.

Whether you’ve already signed up for the event or still need some extra convincing about making the trip to Baltimore for the four-day show, here are five reasons we’re excited about NPF ’17 – and why you should be excited, too.

USPS keynotes on new market trends and product launches

NPF is never lacking in the keynote speaker department, but this year’s address by USPS Postmaster General Megan Brennan is going to be essential for shippers and mailers. Brennan will be talking about one of the Postal Service’s latest cutting-edge initiatives, Informed Delivery, which is changing the game for how marketers approach their mailing campaigns. 

With Informed Delivery’s unique capability of sending customers email notifications containing scanned images of their incoming mailpieces, before they even open their mailbox, the Postal Service is creating a brand-new opportunity for mailers and shippers to combine their physical products with new digital value. USPS is the proof that this new inflection point between physical and digital customer communications is not only possible, but happening right now – and you’re going to want to hear how.

NPF’s other keynote speakers this year include: James Cochrane, chief customer & marketing officer and executive vice president of USPS; Pritha Mehra, mail entry and payment vice president of USPS; and Gary Reblin, product innovation vice president of USPS. 

Key education sessions held by USPS executives and Pitney Bowes leaders

We’re partnering with USPS in a handful of education sessions at this year’s show, which will highlight customer engagement solutions. You won’t want to miss these:

  • Informed Delivery and Driving Response: Tactical Tips for Industry Verticals – with Elizabeth Trumbull, Architect, enterprise innovation (Pitney Bowes) and Bob Dixon, USPS VP of innovation
  • Informed Visibility: Making Connections in Real Time – with Judy Kalus, Senior Business Analyst (Pitney Bowes) and Isaac Cronkite, USPS VP of enterprise analytics
  • The Fusion of Digital and Physical: Technology that Delivers a Competitive Edge – with Alison Hall, Product manager, direct mail solutions (Pitney Bowes) and Nat Cooper, Enterprise solution principal (Pitney Bowes)
  • Informed Delivery Campaigns Using Mail.dat – with Elizabeth Trumbull (Pitney Bowes), Pritha Mehra, VP mail entry and payment (USPS) and Bob Schimek (Satori Software) 

Cutting-edge software solution demos at the Pitney Bowes booth

I’d be remiss not to mention the kind of presence that Pitney Bowes will have on the show floor at NPF this year. We’re bringing demos of our suite of innovative customer engagement solutions, including Single-Customer View, Industry Data Sets, EngageOne® Digital Designer, and EngageOne® Video (EOV), to show to attendees and exhibitors alike how we’re augmenting print with digital communications for a best-of-both-worlds strategy. 

Through Interactive Personalized video, Digital Self-service, chatbots, mobile-friendly communications and more, Pitney Bowes products are uniquely poised to help our clients engage with their customers in more dynamic, compelling ways than ever before. Come check out our demos to see how Pitney Bowes’ solutions are bridging the gap between physical and digital in deepening customer relationships.

A chance to meet with Pitney Bowes senior executives… 

A handful of our best and brightest will be attending, giving you the chance to speak one-on-one with: 

  • Bob Guidotti, President, Software Solutions
  • Greg Van Den Heuvel, COO, Software
  • Jeff Winter, VP Marketing, Software Solutions
  • Christopher Hall, VP Product Management, Customer Engagement Solutions

…but, also a chance to meet with your peers, too!

NPF is a great once-a-year opportunity for you to engage with over 4000 of your peers in the industry, face-to-face. NPF is a hub for a lot of new blood in the industry to meet with each other. In fact, over one-third (37 percent) of NPF attendees are at the show for the first time, and nearly half (46 percent) of those first-timers are first-time companies, ensuring that new influencers and decision makers are constantly a part of the conversation at NPF.

Whether you’ve got networking on your mind, want to check out product demos, reconnect with old friends or meet some new faces, NPF is a great time to touch base with your industry on a personal level.

NPF 2017 is a can’t-miss event for anyone in the shipping and mailing industry. Come join us at this year’s show in Baltimore, May 21st-24th. 

While you’re there, stop by the Pitney Bowes booth, at booth #413, for an in-person demonstration of EngageOne Video, Single-Customer View and many of our other innovative solutions. And, as an added bonus, we’re offering a $25 Amazon gift card for anyone who visits and watches our demos.