4 print and mail organizations that innovate and transform to win

Top print and mail organizations are innovating in operational excellence, industry-leading compliance, higher-value communications and omnichannel engagement.

Thu May 04 14:36:00 EDT 2017

What does it mean to be a leading and innovative print and mail organization today?

These companies – whether in the public or the private sector – achieve competitive advantage by finding new ways to streamline workflow, respond to market changes and blend physical and digital technologies to obtain the greatest value from their customer communications.

Top print and mail organizations are specifically innovating in four key areas: operational excellence, industry-leading compliance, higher-value communications and omnichannel engagement. Here are four top companies that are succeeding in each of these areas.

Operational Excellence

Despite a declining local market in Sweden and Denmark, private postal organization Bring Citymail Sweden AB was able to grow by nearly 20 percent. How? By making their operations more efficient.

The company implemented multiple parcel sortation systems at various sites, and then connected them to a shared network working from the same address database. As a result, the organization was able to lower operational costs, improve control measures and provide consistently quality customer service. 

Industry-Leading Compliance

Compliance is important when it comes to handling personal information in public settings. When it was time to grow its vote-by-mail operations, the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections in Florida needed a solution that could ensure every voter’s ballet is mailed out accurately and on time.  

So, the county implemented a new mail sorting automation solution that could provide state-of-the-art monitoring, reporting, tracking and auditing. As a result, they were able to accommodate even more mail ballots while ensuring compliance with regulations and even reducing processing time. 

Higher-Value Communications

Color printing offers a world of opportunity in direct and transactional mail, because it can lead to better response rates and return on investment. That’s why Mele Printing, an industry leader in commercial printing, invested in a new high-quality color inkjet printing and finishing system. 

That inkjet printing system allowed Mele to expand its range of print capabilities to include dynamic personalization, advanced inkjet color and variable data printing. Now, the printing company is able to run full-color communications at a high rate of quality and productivity, improving ROI while reducing printing costs.

Omnichannel Engagement

Businesses know how important it is to reach customers on every physical and digital channel, but more public institutions are starting to recognize the value of omnichannel, too.

The Mississippi Department of Revenue, which collects tax revenue to support state and local governments in Mississippi, implemented a suite of software and inserting systems that provided improved chain of custody for mail and enhanced engagement with taxpayers. Better chain of custody meant the agency could provide proof of mailing to taxpayers in accordance with a new state law. Additionally, newly designed individualized web portals made it easier for taxpayers to access information about their incoming mail. Ultimately, combining print and digital increased mail ROI for the department, while creating deeper engagement and better experiences for taxpayers.

What do all of these organizations have in common? They are all winners of the Pitney Bowes 2017 Brilliance Awards. Learn more about these winners and the awards here.