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Starting the Retail (R)Evolution

Over 150 retail industry leaders, partners, analysts and influencers to gather in Orlando, Florida for the inaugural Pitney Bowes Retail (R)Evolution.

Tue Apr 18 11:19:00 EDT 2017

It’s hard to believe that the Pitney Bowes Retail (R)Evolution 2017 is almost here.

When we set off to build our first-ever proprietary industry conference, nobody could have guessed that we’d have so much enthusiasm – so much interest – and wind up with so much retail power in one place.

It takes a lot to put on an event – any event, whether large or small, has so many intricacies and details. My team and I have worked incredibly hard and for those in attendance, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to be impressed.

In addition to the ‘experience’, we marketers know that it’s all about content. I’ve been doing content marketing way before it became vogue. It’s all about telling a story. And as our leaders stand on that stage along with retail industry leaders and business experts, the story is simple: growth.

It’s no secret that retail is in transition. Consumers have more power than ever and are dictating how strategies get built. Some of us want to shop in stores or malls. We may also want to check out competitive pricing online. Or read reviews from our friends and others. Bad experience? That’s easy to share on any social media platform.

Consumers can buy online and pick up in-store. We can wait weeks on end for delivery from other countries or get one day shipping domestically. We can shop at all hours of the night on websites and marketplaces. We can even ‘rent’ clothing and accessories for special occasions.

The Retail (R)Evolution is going to address a lot of these issues – attendees will hear directly from experts on the disruption, the role Amazon is playing, cross-border ecommerce, global marketplaces, shipping optimization, fraud and payment options, cyber security, crisis communications, social media expectations and more. All designed to help our clients grow.

See you in Orlando.