What’s Happening in the World of Shipping: USPS Informed Delivery & Green Shipping in Europe

We’re taking a look at USPS® Informed Delivery, the expansion of the UPS® dangerous goods shipping program and a boost in green shipping in Europe.

Thu Jun 08 11:11:00 EDT 2017

Welcome back to our roundup of what’s going on in the shipping and mailing world. This week, we’re taking a look at USPS® Informed Delivery, the expansion of the UPS® dangerous goods shipping program and a boost in green shipping in Europe.

New USPS service gives you a peek into your mailbox before you get home – NPR 

In April, the U.S. Postal Service officially rolled out Informed Delivery, a new service that allows you to look at your mail before it arrives in your actual mailbox. Recipients who sign up for Informed Delivery will receive an email each morning with actual-size black and white images of the letters to be delivered that day. The idea for this offering originally came from a program that let post office box customers know when they had something in their P.O. Box. 

USPS is hopeful that this program will not only help you plan ahead, but also bring back some of the magic and excitement of daily mail. Bob Dixon, the executive program director for Informed Delivery, explained, “The benefit is that we continue the relevance of mail in a very digital world and we provide access to the consumers for those mail pieces.”

UPS expands dangerous goods shipping program – Post and Parcel

Recently, the UPS expanded its dangerous goods shipping program, which oversees shipments of potentially dangerous goods like batteries, paint, chemicals for lab equipment and more. UPS added 400 new items to the list of accepted products for its global air network, as well as 300 new products for its European ground services. UPS also increased the allowable quantity of select dangerous goods accepted for shipment. 

“UPS helps companies meet strict and often complex requirements when shipping dangerous goods,” said Nando Cesarone, President, UPS Europe. “Now we can meet our customers’ expanded needs for a one-stop solution to ship both conventional and dangerous goods.”

Green shipping in Europe gets €150m boost – Energy Live News

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Dutch bank ABN Amro signed a €150 million agreement to help finance green shipping in Europe. This framework will encourage investments by offering promoters of sustainable shipping projects more favorable financial terms. 

According to EIB Vice President Pim van Ballekom, “The bank received a clear signal from the market that there was a financing gap for the greening of shipping fleets.” This investment program aims to support shipping companies in complying with European sustainability standards.

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