Down the rabbit hole: simplify convoluted office shipping

A single centralized platform that consolidates the processes of different carriers can make the complicated game of office shipping a simpler endeavor.

Wed Jun 15 14:10:00 EDT 2016

Office managers, administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists – every office has one, and no matter what your title is, your job description always seems to be a multi-faceted one. Booking meetings, coordinating day-to-day routines, filing papers, managing billing and maintaining vital recordkeeping, to name just a handful of those duties, all of which are essential to any thriving SMB.

But, for as many plates that you have to spin on a given day, there’s one that is becoming increasingly – and unnecessarily – complex: shipping.

The Pitfalls of Office Shipping

While having multiple shipping carriers to pick from offers senders a greater variety of choice, it also adds several new layers of complexity to the process. More carriers means more users, more tools for processing and tracking items, different carrier rates to keep track of, different levels of training required for understanding each of these processes and so on.

Then there’s the administrative end of things: keeping track of addresses, payments and charge accounts; ensuring that items are being sent to the right places on the right delivery schedules; keeping all accounts up-to-date and paid on time. A slight error in where a package is addressed, or which account is charged for it, could derail your delivery timetable and add additional costs to the bottom line.

It’s enough to make your head spin – and, unfortunately for many office professionals, just being able to send and keep track of shipped items has started to become a full-time job in and of itself.

Shipping Simplified

While you might struggle with these pain points on a near daily basis, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You need a cost-efficient solution to streamline shipping processes, minimize the risk of process-related errors and get your total shipping and carrier workload under control. Rather than putting together a team of dedicated shipping professionals – something that would not be especially cost-effective for any SMB – to handle this task, you should instead look to an integrated SaaS solution that takes the complexity out of shipping.

By consolidating the processes for the U.S. Postal Service®, FedEx® and UPS® into a single centralized platform, you can quickly and easily navigate what each entails – from pricing tiers to package tracking to charge accounts – without having to scour through multiple website portals or papers strewn around the office. Having an all-on-one system like this on hand ensures that the increasingly complicated game of office shipping becomes a much simpler endeavor.

Learn more about how Pitney Bowes’ SendPro® provides small businesses with an integrated solution for streamlining office shipping functions, including weighing packages, printing labels and scheduling parcel pickups.