Streamlining your communications process is a major growth opportunity

No matter the size of your business, integrating your various print and mail processes can make a huge impact improving the efficiency of your operation.

Thu Aug 31 12:54:00 EDT 2017

Consider your print and mail operations from a bird’s-eye view. If one component along the way isn’t performing up to par, an entire mailing could be delayed. So, you need to optimize this workflow for maximum efficiency and accuracy. But, optimization is not just about the equipment on the floor.

Between determining which colors or graphics will make a mailing more engaging, making sure addresses and barcodes are accurate and printing clearly, and thinking up the right compelling content that will attract potential customers, there are lots of crucial decisions to make in any transactional statement or direct mail campaign.

If you consider all these decisions together, as complementary pieces of the same overall print and mail workflow, you can optimize this part of your business for growth. You’ll achieve better operational efficiency, accuracy and higher customer engagement. Here’s how.

Seamless integration

If you’re dealing with siloed systems from multiple providers, it’s easy for things to get off track. For example, if you invest in a new, high-speed inkjet printing system, your inserter may not have throughput to adjust for an increase in volume. To get the highest level of efficiency, look for end-to-end systems that are tightly integrated. This way, your printer and inserter will always be on the same page, without any complications.

Tackle complexity

Customer communications are increasingly complex as a result of greater personalization and compliance requirements. As a result, print and mail systems need to be able to handle a wider range of jobs with accuracy, precision and ease.

Moving to digital color inkjet lets you print full-color communications, more quickly and cost effectively. No longer do you need to rely on pre-printed forms or envelopes—along with associate cost, storage and waste. With variable data color print, it is easy to add personalization, relevant messages or implement regulatory changes to mail pieces. 

Your inserter systems should be able to handle complex jobs, like switching between letters and flats quickly and easily. Holdups waste time, money and other resources, and a delayed mailing could mean a regulatory fine or loss of a client. Adaptive features, like quick and reliable changeovers, can help you stay ahead of schedule.

The ability to print on plain white envelopes, including Business Reply Envelopes, inline during mail finishing is another feature that promotes operational efficiency. This just-in-time approach enables one-pass printing of the brand logo, Intelligent Mail barcode, targeted messaging, and even last-minute personalized offers on the outside of the envelope. It increases agility, reduces waste, and, by starting the sales on the outside of the envelope, can lead to substantially better open and response rates.

Digital customer engagement

The workflow doesn’t stop with the envelope, however. Incorporating customer engagement strategies and solutions adds tremendous value by helping you bridge the gap between physical and digital channels.

Personalize the content inside your mailing to keep customers engaged and increase follow-through rates. Integrate physical and digital communications by incorporating services such as Informed Delivery®, by the USPS, where customers who receive copies of physical mail can also receive links to offers and unique campaigns from specific vendors.

Create more personal connections with customers, prospects, partners and others with individual, interactive, real-time video. Interactive personalized video allows you to create a more satisfying experience that is vastly different and superior. Offer customers an enticing, two-way opportunity to interact with experts and streamline service with proven, real-time video content that personalizes and anticipates customer needs and provides engaging content. 

Turn to technology solutions that can help deliver personalized, data-driven experiences across physical and digital channels. Think of print and mail in the context of your entire communications process, and find solutions that can help you drive better results from every decision you make along the way.

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