#TC18 is here

Clear the set. We’re ready in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Mon Oct 22 13:16:00 EDT 2018

We’re here live on the Tableau show floor as the final finishing touches are coming together in the last minutes before the Data Village opens up for tonight’s welcome reception.

In the earlier hours of today’s set up I found myself thinking of the people and the process that goes into kicking off the “Big Show”.

In an hour from now, no one will see the techs frantically running around, or the lights that aren’t working. No one will see the water jug that spilled on the newly laid carpet. They will have no insight into the mass of shipment delays.  Flight delays.  Missing boxes.  The wrong logo printed on the giveaways. (To my manager if you’re listening – this did not happen at our booth.) Hopefully no one will have seen that cardboard and tape stuck to my shoe as I scrambled to throw away empty boxes and store swag for the upcoming days.  

Attendees will just see doors that have finally been opened to them at #TC18. An exciting new data playground now available for the next four days. For mindshare, collaboration, networking and fresh thinking.

And, this not knowing every detail of what happens behind the scenes will benefit them in their ability to shut everything else off and really be present. They won’t need to see that behind the scenes there was a full cast of players seeing a vision come through to fruition. They will just be the benefactors of it.

It reminds me of our data really.

When we spend time telling folks about Pitney Bowes data, we talk a lot about the value of the data itself and the unique applications of it, not necessarily the ecosystem behind it.  That’s a miss.  In reality our players are vast and talented.  They are collaborators. They are curators.  Experts in their respective ownership areas. They are partners and suppliers. They are teachers. They are data experts.

All you may see is the finish product, but before, during, and after delivery – they are there.  There’s a team behind the data that makes sure every detail has been well thought and delivered with excellence.  Many of them are here with us today.

Now open those doors. We’re ready to share our story with you.

Welcome to Tableau. 
From your friends at Pitney Bowes. Booth #1015