Three things retailers don’t know about millennials

72 percent of millennials would like a more secure way for their package to be delivered, finds our study with Morning Consult.

Fri Sep 03 12:57:00 EDT 2021

Millennials comprise 35 percent of the U.S. workforce. Reaching 80 million in number, this group represents the biggest age group in American history and has considerable economic impact. Their spending power will increase as their roles become more senior and earnings rise. While the cohort is broad with obvious lifestyle differences – some are 40 while others in their early 20s – retailers are continually looking for new ways to tap into this lucrative market. These are the first digital natives: their immersion in technology shapes their behaviors, and influences the services retailers provide.

Ecommerce is a way of life for most of us, and shipping is one of the most influential factors when it comes to choosing where to shop. We wanted to find out more on buyers’ preferences around parcel delivery to discover whether there were any trends or insights we could identify and share. Specifically, we looked at preferences around smart lockers. Smart lockers provide robust, secure, touch-free pick-up and drop-off points for parcels, documents and business-related items, packages and equipment. They’re managed using a software platform hosted in the Cloud, and recipients receive alerts and notifications, along with barcodes for scanning to open the locker, directly to their mobile device. Knowing millennials’ early adoption of all things digital, we wondered whether this might extend to preferences about smart lockers too. It turns out we were right.

They’re worried about parcel security

It’s no surprise that U.S. adults are concerned about parcel safety, with doorstep theft (or ‘porch piracy’) on the increase. When we questioned the adults in our study, we found millennials were the most concerned of all groups: 61 percent of millennials frequently worry that their packages will get stolen. It follows that 72 percent would like a more secure way for their packages to be delivered. They value their privacy, too, with 57 percent of millennials disliking others seeing the packages they’ve ordered. 

They value contactless parcel pickup more than any other generation

Convenience and safety will remain high on buyers’ priorities. 68 percent of millennials say they are more interested in contactless shopping since the pandemic. 65 percent of millennials questioned in our poll like the contactless pickup/delivery options that smart lockers provide. Three in five (58 percent) prefer to buy online and pick-up in store rather than have an item delivered at home, and one in three would prefer to receive their packages at their workplace and not at their home.

They’re considering the environmental impact of their online orders

We know that millennials are one of the most environmentally- and socially-aware of all generations. Package deliveries are playing on their minds. 69 percent of millennials in BOXpoll™ were more aware (than before the pandemic) about the impact of increasing package deliveries, and 47 percent seek out, or are more inclined to buy, products with sustainable packaging.  Our research reflected this. We found that seventy three percent feel good about using a smart locker as it positively impacts their carbon footprint, reducing emissions from multiple carrier journeys. This was by far the highest of all cohorts in the study

Across all generations, the data proved millennials to be among the biggest advocates for smart lockers. Retailers looking to drive a competitive advantage and deliver a great customer experience to millennials should consider smart lockers as a shipping option. They’re convenient, secure and fun to use – and they suit digital natives down to the ground. 

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