3 Ways Custom Envelopes Help You Build Your Brand

You send envelopes out each month. Let’s talk about three ways to build your brand with custom envelopes.

Wed Aug 16 10:59:00 EDT 2017

Customers live in an increasingly busy world, bombarded by messages from both physical and digital mediums. At the same time, they have much less time to interpret all of those messages, creating a communications challenge that’s hard for any business to overcome.

Businesses have to maximize every chance to break through the noise and reach these customers, and the envelope is one overlooked opportunity. Envelopes can be much more than an administrative necessity and operational cost. By creating custom envelopes for your business, you can take advantage of the unused real estate on the front of each envelope to raise the profile of your brand, increase mail response rates and improve mail production ROI.

From unique size and shape, color and design or content and message, here are three ways custom envelopes help you build your brand.

Graphics make your mail stand out

Being unique is important in today’s competitive landscape. The average individual’s attention span is only around 8 seconds, meaning that when you send a piece of mail, you have precious few moments to capture a customer’s interest or lose them for good. At the same time, recipients receive lots of mail each week. According to the Data and Marketing Association, direct mail volume reached 149 billion pieces in 2016. That means you have to take every possible advantage to stand out.

Envelopes say more about your business than you might think. The presentation of your letter is just as important as the contents, and a tailored envelope with unique graphics or custom dimensions is an opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impression of your brand upon prospective customers. A generic envelope is easily forgotten, but one bearing your company’s insignia or even a compelling format or design has a better chance of making each recipient feel more familiar with your brand.

Say it with color

Color envelopes can further distinguish your business and its mail. In the case of direct mail, a study revealed 69 percent of consumers are more likely to open an envelope adorned with color text and graphics than a generic, bland mailpiece. But, even transactional mail or standard business communications offer a great opportunity to customize your envelopes with rich, striking colors.

That high response rate, combined with improvements in modern printing technology, helps explain why color offers a great return on investment in mail campaigns. One study showed full-color envelopes returned $1.59 for a mailpiece that cost $1.15 to produce, while plain black and white envelopes cost more money to create ($1.40) and returned only 75 cents for the investment. 

Speak directly to your customer

Custom envelopes also offer the perfect chance to speak directly to each mail recipient using basic customer information, such as their first name. Even the simplest personalized message (“John, we have a great offer for you!”) can make an impact. Research from Infotrends showed that around 84 percent of consumers are more likely to open a piece of mail if it’s personalized to them.

Custom graphics, color and personalization can all boost the envelope’s effectiveness as a communications tool for your brand. But, make sure any changes you make to your business envelopes fall within U.S. Postal Service® guidelines for approved mail. The right mail services partner can help.

Looking to create eye-catching custom envelopes that help you deliver better ROI, results and value from mail production? Pitney Bowes Envelopes can work with you to add printed logos, full color and even unique shapes and window sizes to your business envelopes.