How The Industrial Internet Can Help You Run Your Mail Operations Like a Pro

Read these three ways the Industrial Internet offers businesses an opportunity to proactively improve mail operations.

Mon Jun 12 10:42:00 EDT 2017

While much of the discussion regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) tends to be about consumer products and devices, businesses actually stand to gain a great deal from adopting highly interconnected digital technology into their operations. When sensors have the ability to collect information about their performance and users, this data can be analyzed to deliver actionable insights that improve user experience and increase each machine’s operational efficiency.

This represents the marriage of Big Data with IoT, two terms that until recently represented the future of business innovation, but are now characterizing the current digitalized industrial landscape. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already streamlining operations in the manufacturing, energy, aviation and transportation industries, just to name a few.

On the consumer end, smart-home applications can help homeowners better manage and monitor their energy costs, while sensors embedded into cars that monitor driving conditions and driver habits can help make roads safer. But while these IoT applications may be the most evident to everyday individuals, similar efficiencies can be reaped in the enterprise mail centers that are looking to maximize productivity and optimize workflow.

Most critically, IIoT capabilities help enterprises achieve peak operational maturity, transforming from reactive to proactive system oversight. Right now, many enterprises rely on static reporting to fix problems after a failure has already occurred or an SLA has been missed, a reactive approach. We see many enterprises embracing technology like IIoT to push toward real-time system monitoring that offers instant awareness of operational productivity and efficiency. Even further along the maturity curve is the ability to analyze performance trends to proactively prevent future challenges, with the next step being to apply analytics, industry benchmarks and expert insights in a way that optimizes operational outcomes.

The final step in achieving excellence in operations management involves the modeling of predictive business outcomes and scenarios. IIoT’s influence can be found at every step of this maturity curve, supplemented by the expert insight of professional consultants. This approach enables the following workflow improvements in print and mail center systems:

1. Leverage global expertise to optimize equipment performance

Mail operation consultants offer the expert context and perspective business users need to evaluate a business’ equipment performance in near real time. By analyzing sensor data that proactively monitors trends and patterns, these experts can identify equipment performance issues and provide intelligent insight to help operations managers supervisors or executives quickly make more informed decisions that will resolve problems like costly downtime before they occur.

2. Gain a better understanding of overall operational performance

IIoT analytics enables mail center operators to have a greater understanding of whether they are meeting their performance potential. They can do this using data driven insights to reach optimal workcell performance and improve the effectiveness and productivity of the production staff. This will give decision makers an in-depth, data-informed understanding of the mail center to help improve throughput, productivity and realize greater mail production capacities.

3. Schedule using near real-time and historical data to understand and improve your productivity

With the level of insight afforded by IIoT data and analytics, managers can think strategically to schedule upgrades or modifications to mail center equipment and better utilize staff, ultimately improving productivity and setting a new performance standard. The predictive modeling of business outcomes and scenarios provides a wider view of the future that can elevate operational performance. 

The IIoT helps bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, providing the data businesses need to drive more value from their systems and operations. For enterprise mail operations, it represents an opportunity to bring substantial innovation into a pivotal area of the business that can truly pay dividends.

Learn more about how you can harness the power of the Industrial Internet to integrate and organize data from remote sensors to support real-time insight to help mail center operations work smarter over time. 

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