3 Ways to improve college campuses

Thu Jul 01 07:08:00 EDT 2021

After the crazy year we all had in 2020, college campuses are experiencing the need for change now more than ever before. As a result of the pandemic, not just students, but society in general have significantly changed the way they go about their everyday lives. The need to avoid going out has shifted retail commerce to ecommerce and this has driven the number of packages being sent and delivered exponentially higher. Additionally, students have gotten used to treating their basements, spare bedrooms, and dining room tables as their college classroom, and going back into a physical environment of education may be quite an adjustment for many.

Ideas to Improve College Campuses

Provide contactless delivery options

Students have started creating their own rituals and routines around staying safe and the need for reasonable social distancing has created a demand for facilities and amenities that are contactless. With the increase of on-line ordering, the number of packages being delivered is on the rise. These days people would prefer contactless delivery options and adapting to smart parcel lockers would improve college campuses greatly. Students don’t want to sign for their parcels, and they feel more comfortable with less contact with people in general. Why not automate this process? This provides a safer, easier environment for not only the students, but everyone in the delivery system as well.

Improve the library discovery and checkout process

Reading is one of the most important things when a student attends college. Improved library experiences that would allow students to explore books online also contributes to the contactless trend, and makes the library process an easier one to manage. This reduces the contact students have with the books, as well as maintains a safer number of students who would actually be in the library at one time. Having a check out and pick up service for the books they can order online would be a great way to improve college campuses and the students can do this at their own convenience.

Modernize the campus bookstore experience

The campus bookstore has traditionally been a hub for more than just school supplies, books, and branded school merchandise. It was also a community center for small performances, meetups and study groups over coffee. That’s all changed now and although students have preferred in the past to shop in person, modernizing this experience will be a great way to preserve the importance of the campus bookstore while making it easier to shop remotely and reduce the amount of contact. By moving the browsing experience on-line, students can browse, preview, and purchase online and make pickup available for students.

What do college students want? They’ve had to change and adapt to many social distancing, study-from-home, and mask requirements which has certainly been a difficult adjustment. They just want their institutions to help them adapt to the changing times and there are some simple steps colleges and universities can take to make their overall college experience better.

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