Why has sending gotten so complicated?

Here are a few of the biggest factors that have made business shipping and sending more complex in the last several years.

Mon Aug 15 13:41:00 EDT 2016

Business and office shipping has never been a completely simple task, particularly if you’re a small business without any kind of centralized mailroom running things. But, doesn’t it seem like it has grown even more complex over the last several years? Why has sending become so complicated?

The answer, appropriately enough, is a complicated one, with a handful of different reasons. And, while you might think you just want to rush right to the solution that will streamline the whole process, you can’t know what solution you really need without understanding the problem first.

Here are a few of the biggest factors that have made business shipping more complex in the last several years:

The Rise of eCommerce

Businesses and their customers are more connected than ever before. eCommerce enables a business in China to sell to a customer in Europe, with that package being shipped halfway around the world, all at the click of a button. While this opens opportunities for more potential customers to sell to, or more potential brands for customers to buy from, that also means these same brands have to deal with packing, processing and shipping many more parcels than ever before. The easier it is for customers to buy, the more they’ll buy – which means more packages, each with their own address, pricing, delivery schedule and carrier, to process.

An Embarrassment of Carrier Riches

Depending on where you’re shipping, what you’re shipping and to whom, you have plenty of options for getting a parcel there through USPS®, FedEx®, UPS® or any number of private carriers. And, new innovations in delivery are being made every day, from drones to crowdsourced services like Deliv. But, each carrier also has its own pricing structure, its own compliance standards and its own points of contact – all logistics that you now need to take into account anytime you want to send something out. There may be plenty of carriers to choose from, but it’s a juggling act that can overwhelm anyone without, and even with, dedicated shipping teams to oversee it.

Customers Want What They Want Now

Just as eCommerce has made it easier than ever for customers to buy whatever they want, whenever they want, e-retailers like Amazon have raised buyer expectations about when they want to receive their packages, too. Faster delivery options, like two-day, one-day and even same-day shipping, are becoming standards rather than luxuries in the eyes of many customers, adding another layer of complexity to your outgoing processes. More than that, these same customers expect to be able to track their packages with regular updates from door to door.

Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, you know where you need to begin to solve it. Find a solution that will enable you to more efficiently process package shipping orders, like SendPro® online solution that provides label generation, carrier selection and compliance and  shipment tracking information, all from an easy-to-use interface.

Sending may be complicated now, but it doesn’t have to be any more.

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