A trusted parcel partner in an ecommerce world

With parcel shipping driving global ecommerce to over $3.5 trillion by 2019, the need for a trusted parcel shipping partner is more important than ever for your business.

Wed Feb 03 14:32:34 EST 2016

Ecommerce provides no shortage of sales and marketing opportunities for businesses. Nowadays, businesses are able to cater their products to wider potential customer bases – and not even necessarily in their same country – thanks to the coverage provided by the Internet and always-online, always-connected devices. When you consider that ecommerce sales worldwide are expected to account for $3.5 trillion by 2019, it’s clear that ecommerce will only grow as a growth engine of the world economy.

But the opportunities provided by ecommerce raise a host of logistical headaches for managing parcel sending, too. With everyone – both customers and businesses alike – sending out more parcels than ever before, mail service providers need to be able to streamline what could quickly become an overly complex operation. And finding a trusted parcel partner is key for best managing these processes, and the rules and regulations that come with shipping and handling parcels.

Parcels and the Future of Mail

There is no doubt that parcel shipping is on the rise. In just the second quarter of this year, the Postal Service saw parcel shipping grow by over 14 percent. That’s a significant number in and of itself, but when you contrast that with the 2.1 percent decline in standard mail over that same period, it’s clear that parcels are not-so-slowly, but definitely surely, beginning to change the mailing industry landscape.

With that, though, comes the need for more effective parcel solutions that can ensure you’re processing these higher package volumes and meeting customer demand, efficiently and cost-effectively.

What Does a Trusted Parcel Partner Look Like?

Naturally, businesses can’t do this on their own – nor should they be expected to. But they also shouldn’t trust their parcel needs to just anyone. It’s important to align yourself with a trusted, reliable partner that can provide the service your business and customers require.

Which raises the question, what does that ideal trusted partner look like?

Businesses should be able to entrust their parcels to partners that already specialize in handling complex USPS® regulations, have the trusted and tested logistic network in place to handle mail and parcels, demonstrate an excellent track record of customer service and provide the expertise for facilitating customers to grow into new market spaces and the flexibility to grow along with them.

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