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Meet Gina

Service Delivery InnovationShe’s the director of operations for a leadingPOS solution provider focused on the restaurantindustry. It’s her responsibility to providecomprehensive operational support, fromsite planning and installation to training,technical support, fi eld maintenance, partsand logistics to quick service restaurantsacross Europe and North America.

With rising consumer demand, quick servicerestaurant chains are opening new locations at arapid pace. They’re in the market for technologythat will add speed and convenience to thecustomer experience. Gina knows that she mustact quickly to capitalize on this opportunity. Butshe doesn’t have a lot of time to staff up, and shewants to avoid making large capital outlays tobuild infrastructure.

Gina is searching for a service delivery partnerwith the expertise, capacity and global reach toprovide best-in-class support to a fast-growingcustomer base. She’d prefer working with a singlesource provider to achieve operational eficiency.

Service Delivery Innovation: Smart, strategic supportsolutions for your clients and technology

By partnering with Service Delivery Innovation by Pitney Bowes,Gina gained the ability to streamline operations, deploy newcapabilities and scale and accelerate growth. Pitney Bowes has theexperience, expertise and service infrastructure to help her planstrategically, act quickly and compete effectively.

Integrated field service delivery

Get qualifi ed boots on the ground, when and where you needthem, with fl exible agreements tailored to your needs.

  • 1100+ certifi ed field service technicians handle technicalrepairs, installations and service calls
  • Analytics-driven demand planning
  • Logistics and deployment

Exceptional technical help desk support

Resolve problems quickly without the need for service dispatch

  • .Custom-tailored and staffed call center solution built to supportyour unique challenges and operational requirements
  • 83% global satisfaction rating

Training that empowers peak performance

Our leadership and development team facilitates mastery of criticalskills and supports knowledge capture to ensure service excellence.

  • Training for all types of OEM platforms
  • 70+ training and production professionals
  • Classroom, online and video training options

Single-source efficiency and accountability

Tap into a wide range of proven support capabilities to improveoperational efficiency across the entire product lifecycle.

  • PMP and Six Sigma certifi ed project managers
  • Reduce number of vendor contracts
  • Streamline invoice processing
Pitney Bowes delivers scalable, high quality service
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Pitney Bowes delivers scalable, high quality service

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