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Simplify shipping payments with carrier payment options

Consolidate all your bills from different carriers and locations into one easy invoice. No need to change your negotiated rates or carrier relationships.

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Save time and reduce AP overhead with one consolidated invoice.
Optimize your cash flow with extended payment terms.
Gain a consolidated view across all carriers and locations.
Identify areas for greater efficiency through data updates each day.
Reduce the time spent on shipping bills by up to 50%.
Many of our clients report this improvement after adding carrier payments to their Pitney Bowes credit line.

Learn if you are likely to achieve similar results.

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Complete an enrollment form with your carrier account information.


Once approved and on-boarded, your carrier bills are paid automatically.* You get one invoice.

One invoice. One payment. One trusted partner.
Even sign-up is simple.

You can ship smarter with SendPro®. And pay smarter, too.
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See how our carrier payment options work – in less than 2 minutes.

Watch this brief video. Learn the many ways you can benefit from our carrier payment options. Our specialist can set up your account at no charge.

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Healthcare company cures shipping payment headache.

Read how they streamlined a 30,000-page shipping invoice each month into a single payment, plus boosted their working capital with extended payment terms.


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