Mail: Reinvent and resurgent

Learn more about the game changing impact of physical and digital channel convergence on print and mail operations.

Mail: Reinvent and resurgent

The convergence of physical mail and digital channels creates exciting new opportunity for your print-and-mail operation.

Learn how to take action, and advantage.

”We are at the convergence of physical and digital. There has never been a bigger opportunity for mail.”

Those are the words of US Postmaster General Megan Brennan, spoken this year at the National Postal Forum.

Mail remains a massively powerful tool to reach consumers, especially in concert—in convergence—with digital channels. New solutions are emerging from national posts, like USPS® Informed Delivery™, and private industry, like Pitney Bowes® Synchronize™ Mail + Mobile, that exploit the unique synergy of physical and digital communications.

Yet many mailers can see only the challenges of physical and digital convergence. They need a roadmap to help them expand their service offerings, profit by these services, and earn greater influence among marketing, customer experience, finance and corporate management.

Mail: Reinvented … and Resurgent delivers that roadmap.

In this white paper, read about three core strategies, powered by physical and digital convergence, that provide a practical foundation for these game-changing services:

  • Winning by applying superior customer information and analytics
  • Winning by cost-effectively adding digital touches to physical mail
  • Winning by seamlessly creating individualized, interactive physical and digital customer experiences.

Learn about the enduring value of physical mail, and how to make it even more effective through coordinated digital touches. See how convergence solutions can help clients achieve real business outcomes in transactional and marketing environments. Begin the process of elevating the role of mail and mail services in the support of critical corporate initiatives, from customer recruitment and retention to risk management to receivables management to overall financial performance and competitive viability.

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