The shift to value-based payment models has many implications for payer-providers collaboration, but perhaps none is more significant than the need to coordinate care-related communication across the entire care continuum. New tools are emerging to make that goal a reality.

As patient information has greatly expanded across different data formats, devices and sources, collaborative care organizations need new ways to mine and understand that data so it can be shared to effectively coordinate care. However, many traditional software tools have lacked the power, flexibility, security and scalability to manage has become massive, cumbersome, tasks.

Pitney Bowes has created an innovative approach to delivering the single-patient/plan member view in order to help ACOs enhance, broaden and deeper their understanding of their patients/plan in a contextually relevant manner.

This includes the ability to identify and incorporate vitally important social determinants that impact a member’s/patient’s risk for high cost care, including:

  • Hospital readmission.
  • Diagnosis and care (such as household living situation)
  • The impact of certain careers on stress levels
  • Lifestyle factors.

Download our white paper to learn how payers and providers can deliver on the promise of coordinated care with a single view of the plan member. 

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