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New technical white paper details how to maximize returns on your big data investments.

Spatial Data Lake Solution

While Hadoop delivers a framework to store and process massive amounts of data, most firms have trouble extracting value from the location data they collect.

The Pitney Bowes Spatial Data Lake solution is a highly scalable, geospatial platform that allows companies to process, analyze, manage and visualize location-based data assets across organizational boundaries.

Learn how you can produce and share business insights across your organization to accelerate results from big data and analytics.

  • Move time-consuming geospatial processes into a centralized and scalable big data framework.
  • Integrate business applications and enable users to seamlessly access and consume enhanced data.
  • Deliver insights via desktop tools and web applications.
  • Customize related settings in different processes and easily manage related data store integration and add-ons.
  • Deploy seamlessly in Hadoop or Mesos clusters, either on premise or in the cloud.

This white paper details the technical advantages of this fully-integrated, enterprise-class platform. Find out how you can profit from location context in a single integrated solution.

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