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Data is expanding and more users are demanding access to information. However, most users don’t consume the information in the same way as a GIS professional would. As curators and managers of geospatial information, GIS professionals are looking to support organizational needs, and not just those of GIS Departments. The CIO is acutely aware of how much geospatial data is being collected and wants to know how the organization can leverage the data for smarter, more effective decisions. Meanwhile there are many technology considerations to transform back office GIS to GIS that enables location intelligence for all.

Join thought leaders, industry professionals and experts from Pitney Bowes as we explore the challenges and opportunities associated with leveraging geospatial data and insights across different departments and stakeholders.


Join thought leaders and industry experts.

Topics covered:

  • #FreeYourGIS: GIS meets the CIO


  • #FreeYourGIS: Open Source or Commercial GIS, or both


  • #FreeYourGIS: GIS for Everyone - from the Backroom to the Boardroom


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