Ready to get to the ground truth with your geocoder?

Ready to get to the ground truth with your geocoder?

When embedding Location Intelligence in business-critical applications, look beyond geocoding freeware and one-size-fits-all packages.

Location Intelligence is the art and science of analyzing the connections between geospatial locations and what exists or occurs in these locations. But first you need to define those connections, associating each location-based record with accurate geospatial coordinates. That’s geocoding.

On the surface, geocoding is a simple process. In practice, however, obtaining reliable geocodes efficiently has proven to be an elusive goal. Read Geocoding for Business: Considerations for selecting geocoding technology to support a winning Location Intelligence business strategy to learn about the five key criteria for geocoders, and why they matter to your business.

Geocoding for Business

Find out how the right data and tools can add confidence to your decision making.