A Platform for Customer Context Management

Enterprises who are striving to improve their customers’ experiences are hampered by the challenges of creating unified access to accurate customer information. Ovum’s 2018 global research study found that more than 80 percent of enterprises in every industry and sector had made little progress, and cites Pitney Bowes’ history of location addressing as a tool to weave together accurate data to enrich customer profiles. Each of the thousands of potential attributes that can be accurately mapped and associated with an individual customer is woven to create The Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes.

Unique to each enterprise, The Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes offers a foundation for differentiation, enabling organizations to understand and engage with their customers in the context of their location.

Read The Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes: A Platform for Customer Context Management, an Ovum report, to learn more about how a unified view of your customer can improve your customer engagement initiative.