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Introducing Pitney Bowes
Pure Post

Pitney Bowes Pure Post Delivery service is built to leverage the best of USPS’ services, with none of the friction. Our industry-leading technology extends well beyond the capabilities of a typical PC Postage provider. In addition to simple integration and compliant USPS labels, we provide dedicated clients success teams, 24/7 support, and access to a wide variety of delivery services including Pitney Bowes 3-day Priority Mail Delivery Guarantee, Standard Delivery, Cross-border Delivery Services as well as 3rd partner carrier integration – all through one point of integration.

Print USPS shipping labels.

Enjoy a streamlined printing process for USPS compliant labels.

  • Access Priority Mail and our Delivery Guarantee.
  • Print labels for packages, letters, flats, and many other package types.
  • Print professional labels with an integrated label printer.

Standard Delivery with Pure Post

Exceed customers' ever-increasing delivery expectations.

  • Delivery faster and free(er).
  • Convenient residential delivery that offers significant cost savings.
  • Final mile delivery by USPS.

Access to Delivery Guarantee

Delivery Guarantee is a 3-day guaranteed delivery for Priority Mail shipments.

  • Simple claims process.
  • 3-day delivery guaranteed on all Priority Mail shipments.
  • Approved claims refunded in 60 days.

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