Based on your answers we recommend the Epic as the ideal inserting solution for your business.

Epic inserting solution

Keep inserting jobs moving with our high-speed,
multi-format system.


Up to 21,000 pieces per hour

Up to 70 changeovers a day

Up to 14 feeders

Greater operational yield.

  • High-speed, multi-format platform helps you stay on schedule and meet your deadlines.
  • Easy-to-use operator interface keeps training time low and productivity high.
  • Flexible design allows for multiple jobs and multiple formats on a single platform

Greater workcell efficiency.

  • Simplified production planning means no wait-time for a dedicated machine.
  • Automated steps make changeovers quick and easy, reducing downtime.
  • Easy access to components makes resolving issues easier - for increased uptime.
  • Accurately track and control all pieces within a job while reducing spoilage in real-time.

Lower total cost of ownership.

  • Streamlined processing lets you handle job runs more profitably.
  • Modular, retrofittable design maximizes flexibility and allows full control.
  • Extend system uptime and improve time to repair thanks to a simplified and more robust engine design.


“The Epic Inserter’s speed has significantly increased our daily capacity without our having to incur additional personnel or overtime costs.”

Henry Perez, 
Chief Operating Officer,




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