SDK Request

The SDKs described below are available free of charge to use to integrate data stored in our formats into 3rd party solutions.


  • EFAL is an SDK that provides file format support for MapInfo TAB and MapInfo Enhanced TAB file formats. It supports opening, querying, editing and creation of new files. Querying of data is specified using the MapInfo SQL query language.

  • The SDK is available in 64-bit for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle Linux, and Amazon Linux distributions. The SDK also provides several C++ sample applications to demonstrate the API usage. EFAL is C++ based and includes JNI and .NET wrapper layers as well as Java and .NET sample applications.


Release Date

Release Notes/Documentation


July 9, 2019




  • MIRaster is an SDK that is needed to activate the GDAL MRR driver. This driver provides GDAL level access to reading data in the MRR file format. The GDAL driver and SDK currently provide read-only support for MRR data.

  • The SDK is available on Microsoft Windows and Linux distributions


Release Date

Release Notes/Documentation


Aug. 14, 2019


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