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Mailing is easier with up-to-date mailroom technology.

Pitney Bowes makes mailing is easier with up-to-date mailroom technology.

On January 17th, you’ll experience a postage rate increase that will impact you 2016 budget and shipping plans.  There is good news:  Pitney Bowes can help your organization do more and save more by evaluating your needs and upgrading your mail system.

As we move into 2016, Pitney Bowes will be shifting away from older technology into more modern systems.  These new modern systems will make mailing easier with fast Weigh-on-the-Way technology, and you can print return addresses, postage and attention-grabbing messages right on your envelopes.   If you upgrade to a new mailings systems by March 31st, you will

  • Get up to 30% discount
  • Get new shipping software and a label printer
  • Special financing and lower interest rates
  • Download the Free simple Sending Sheet to learn when barcode labels are needed.

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