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Mailing is easier with up-to-date mailroom technology.

Pitney Bowes makes mailing is easier with up-to-date mailroom technology.

On January 17th, the USPS has implemented a Rate Change that will affect your shipping costs.  The good news is that postage has not increased and you will still save on postage with your mailing system. 

In order to ensure you are getting the best savings on your shipping costs, Pitney Bowes has several options that can help you generate shipping labels that come with a significant cost savings.

Download the Free Simple Sending Sheet to learn when the USPS barcode labels are needed.

With the many postal rule changes over the years, a more modern mailing system could benefit your business in more ways than one. Speak to an Account Representative today to learn more about finding the perfect system for your business.

Take advantage of our special incentives if you act before March 31st:     

  • Get up to a 30% discount on a new mailing system
  • Receive shipping software and a label printer at no additional cost
  • Substantial discounts on your meter rental and service maintenance payments
  • Special financing and lower interest rates

Please fill out the form to have an Account Representative contact you in order to evaluate your needs and find the perfect system for your business and budget.

For more information on the January Rate Change visit: or fill out the form to request more information.  

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