Frequently Asked Questions for Pitney Bowes SendTech Clients


UPDATED March 20, 2020 12:00 pm EST


General Questions

1. Does your company have a pandemic response plan (that includes business continuity procedures)?

a. Yes, we have published our response on and will continue to update with any relevant information.


2. Does your company have written procedures on how to modify work activities during a pandemic based on threat levels?

a. Yes, our Business Continuity (BC) plans are designed to address various threats and vulnerabilities, including a response to pandemic and high absenteeism. Strategies for responding to a pandemic are embedded within our BC and emergency response methodology.


3. Has your company issued communications or conducted training regarding COVID-19 as well as your pandemic response procedures?

a. Yes, we have an Enterprise wide Crisis Management Team. Our communications and escalation processes are documented and deployed during any incident or pandemic. During a Pandemic, we also communicate to our employees health and safety guidelines in accordance to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


4. Has your company taken actions to respond to the virus (e.g., limiting air travel, cancelling meetings, asking employees to work from home)?

a. Yes, we have taken action to limit travel and deploy work from home strategies.


5. Have you had any impact to your work due to the COVID-19 outbreak?

a. Pitney Bowes, our offices and operating centers remain open for business, but we are taking measures to reduce unnecessary exposure and population density.


6. What policies or guidance have you provided to employees that are required to visit client sites?

a. We are asking our sales and service teams who are visiting client sites to confirm that the client is receiving visitors at their location. They should comply with entrance requirements (e.g., completion of relevant forms or pre-screening activities). If the employee needs to meet in person, consider using large meeting spaces and small groups. Practice social distancing habits, meaning avoid mass gatherings, and maintain distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible. If they are sick or feel unwell, they should not come to work and check with a healthcare professional. As a recommendation, we’ve advised that all meetings should be virtual if possible.


7. Are you experiencing or expect to experience impacts to the supply of your products (finished goods and spare parts)?

• Pitney Bowes has contingency plans in place within our supply chain to address product/service flow in the event of a disruption or a pandemic.

• Our supply chain critical suppliers do have Business Continuity and Pandemic Plans in place.

• Pitney Bowes continues to monitor the COVID 19 situation, we have documented continuity plans in place, and we are prepared to mitigate risks to our supply chain as a result of the COVID Pandemic situation.


8. Are you experiencing or expect to experience impacts to service levels, account support?

a. We are currently not experiencing any impacts to our service levels. Our BC plans consider the ability for remote working which has been deployed across technical, account and sales support. Clients can reach us as usual through the normal channels.


9. Is there a way to mail letters or ship packages if my employees are working remotely? For example, employees are not at the work location where the meter is located?

a. All Pitney Bowes Meter clients have access to PitneyShip™ shipping software which enables the ability to print stamps and shipping labels remotely. You can log in to SendPro®/PitneyShip™ through the Your Account portal. You can also speak with your Account Manager to explore other disaster recovery/backup options.