Posted November 2014

What’s new with your Connect+® Mailing System?

1.       Reporting Speed Improvement – Daily and monthly reports from Connect + mailing system are now available in less than 5 minutes after upload. This improvement made possible by an updated cloud-based data management system.

2.       Extra Services Naming – USPS package tracking services will show on your Rates display with new names starting January 25, 2015. The terms Delivery Confirmation and E-Delivery Confirmation will be changed to “Tracking” and “E-Tracking.” This name change does not change the function of your postage meter.

3.       Postal Knowledge App - The Postal Advisor web app is now available by simply pressing the “Tools and Apps” button on the Home Screen. This may help your team answer quick questions or learn more about ways to save by selecting the best value class, service or packaging for the things you send.

4.       Free Support for Graphics – Email for free graphics support on your Connect+. Save 10¢ to 20¢ per piece by using your Connect+ system versus buying pre-printed envelopes. Store any variations of your return address. Connect+ full color printing can be guaranteed to print at 2¢ or less.  Savings can add up quickly.

Always remember that the ? Question Mark in the upper right corner of your Connect+ system is a link to the latest Operator Guide. This guide is always updated with the latest information to help you keep current.