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Customer Engagement

A year in review: customer engagement in 2015

Liz Roche, Director, Product Marketing Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Whether you’re a shopper looking to grab those last-minute gifts for your loved ones, a business owner trying to keep pace with holiday demand, or an enterprise trying to wrap up the quarter or the year, it’s safe to say that December is a decidedly hectic time of year. But the end of the year also provides a time for reflection, both for looking back and looking forward. As 2015 winds down, we are thinking about the kind of year we’ve had at Pitney Bowes, how we’ve addressed the broader, industry-wide trends in customer engagement, and how we’ll continue to build on those trends into 2016.

A watershed year in customer engagement

At the outset of 2015, we made our mission statement to our clients – and by extension, their customers – clear: To deliver accuracy and precision in the connected and borderless world of commerce to help our clients deliver meaningful impact.

Let’s break down that a bit. How does customer engagement deliver meaningful impact? Simply put, by helping our clients increase their real customer lifetime value (yes, that’s a thing). To achieve that, we aim to deliver engaging and relevant interactions across the customer life cycle.

So then, how did we do that? It’s a two-pronged strategy:

  • Personalized customer engagement: This is where we provide real-time insight, gleaned from in-depth customer behavior analytics, to dynamically guide a client’s customer interactions throughout the life cycle. On this front, we’ve positioned new services like EngageOne Video as innovative ways to evolve engagement, and drive more meaningful relationships  between clients and their customers. These interactions are usually created in, and optimized for, a specific channel, which brings us to…
  • Synchronized communications execution: In other words, taking these single-channel interactions and linking them together (“synchronizing” them) across an omni-channel communications system. This strategy enables clients to look at the bigger picture where customer communications and interactions are aligned across multiple channels, and customer data and information is passed throughout the system. Clients have the ability to archive these customer interactions, analyze their past responses and dig into past behaviors, ultimately creating a closed-loop that feeds right back into the personalized customer engagement strategy. 

It’s a strategy that has worked wonders for our clients in driving real customer lifetime value throughout 2015, and one we’re looking to build on in the New Year – particularly when it comes to video.

Video marketing in 2016

Interactive personalized media (individual, interactive, real-time video and other types of online experiences) and video marketing will be cornerstones of the 2016 approach to driving real customer lifetime value, especially in regards to channel integration.

There’s a lot of excitement out there about video marketing, but it’s the same sort of excitement that surrounded digital marketing during its early days too: that this is a brand new outlet to explore. And while that’s technically true, that doesn’t mean it should be treated as its own separate silo. Doing so only creates headaches further down on the road when you have individual channels that have been separated from one another – in this case, digital marketing strategies separated from the main marketing strategy – that have to be integrated later.

As much as video marketing can bring to the table, it would be a mistake to treat it as its own independent channel. Instead, utilizing an omni-channel communications strategy in tandem with services like EngageOne Video ensures that businesses are reaping all the benefits of video, while keeping them integrated with the rest of their marketing channels. It’s an intuitive strategy that succeeded in 2015 and will become even more essential for increasing customer lifetime value and evolve engagements in 2016 and beyond.

To learn more about a cutting-edge customer engagement strategy suited for driving real customer lifetime value in 2016, download our white paper.