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4 ways healthcare payers can power member engagement

By Deb Purcell, Director, Healthcare Solutions, Pitney Bowes

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve fueled by regulatory change in the U.S., stakeholders must adapt quickly to develop new ways to expand their market share and retain their existing memberships.

Many payers and providers alike are looking for better ways to harness their member data, whether that’s through new communication technologies or analytics that help them make better decisions and spur greater engagement with their patients. The key is using these tools to drive a deeper connection with their members, creating a higher level of personalized communication and services, thus improving service and reducing costs.

So, how can payers improve the quality of their consumer relations, while also reducing their costs? Here are four ways that healthcare payers can power-up their member engagement strategies for better results for their members, and for their businesses:

1.       Optimize member information
With all of the technology innovations, there’s a wealth of data now at everyone’s fingertips. Collecting that data has its benefits, but if you don’t know what to do with that data once you have it, there’s definite room for improvement. Organizations often underestimate the toll that bad data can have on the business. According to Ovum Research, in fact, bad data can cost a business at least 30% of its revenues. But, there are solutions that can prevent that. With the right ones in place, payers can aggregate data across the organization, and better manage and optimize it for the greatest return. This can help develop a clear 360-degree-view of every individual member, to better personalize interactions and communications with that member – which brings us to our next point.

2.       Personalize your communications
It’s important for payers to create a real dialogue with their members, where, when and how they’re ready to listen and respond. That makes everyone happy -- improved communication means better service and patient engagement, and ultimately results in improved treatment and health outcomes. For example, interactive personalized video can help explain open enrollment and summary of benefits and coverage to customers in a way that’s convenient, accessible and easy to understand. By communicating in the most personal and effective ways across the channels that members prefer – whether that’s direct mail, email, social media, mobile or video – organizations can improve member satisfaction, and reduce possible churn down the road.

3.       Improve your productivity with location intelligence
The geographic location, demographics and lifestyle of each member will impact their individual communication preferences and their healthcare needs. It’s important for organizations to take these pieces into account for a more complete picture of their members. Such insights will no doubt play a key role in payers’ planning processes, and help spur more strategic decision-making and targeting.

4.       Analyze and measure your effectiveness
Remember, your data is only as strong as your analysis of it. You could have a vast collection of information on your members, but what’s important is being able to use that data to measure and analyze your effectiveness. Key to doing so is implementing the right predictive analytical engines that can help measure that effectiveness and foster future improvements. From this insight, organizations can implement the behaviors and strategies that further improve service levels, member satisfaction and ultimately, your business.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change and competition increases, payers must stay at the forefront of their member recruitment, satisfaction and ultimately, retention. That means using the solutions available to help drive individualized communication and service, and establish deeper connections with their members.

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