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Delivering superior customer experience: A recap of our #PowerofPrecisionChat

By David Schwartz, U.S. Vice President, Sales, Pitney Bowes

Between web, mobile, email, social media and video, businesses have more opportunities and means for connecting with customers than ever before, showing them the best your business has to offer in completely personalized ways. But all these connections can backfire if you’re not careful.

If that sounds counter-intuitive, it’s because, in untrained hands, it is. Technology may allow us to improve the customer experience, but because there’s so much of it – so many channels to utilize, so many ways for businesses to interact with their customers – you run the risk of creating a decidedly depersonalized marketing campaign. It’s all too easy for businesses to become entangled in their own channels, and end up sending off a flurry of some very robotic-sounding messages to their customers.

That’s why it’s crucial to remember that the influx of new technology options and channels can be as much a curse as it is a blessing – and why marketers need to get a handle on the fundamentals of customer engagement strategies, and how to best integrate those strategies with their new available channels.

And that goes both ways, because customers are also adept at using social media and other cutting-edge channels to best make themselves heard, whether it’s with a business or with each other.

All of these ideas coalesced around one of our recent #PowerofPrecisionChat conversations, “Delivering Superior Customer Experience,” which delved into how businesses and consumers alike use new technology channels for communicating and interacting with one another, ideally to their benefit but sometimes to their detriment, and how to best capitalize on the former while minimizing the latter.

Hosted by Greg Van den Heuvel, Chief Operating Officer of Pitney Bowes Software and Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, the #PowerofPrecisionChat was attended by 573 participants across 31 countries, yielding over 1,900 mentions and more than 50 million impressions.

The event offered a great opportunity for businesses to take away some valuable insight on: The importance of managing social media relations to create authentic, and avoid robotic-sounding, customer experiences; unifying a company’s various channels into a single, universal communications strategy to ensure a more cohesive and streamlined brand; and how your own successful approach to the customer experience can be leveraged to distinguish yourself from the competition.  The message was clear: customers have a voice as never before. Satisfied customers tell their friends; unsatisfied customers tell Twitter. Simplicity and convenience are table stakes for today’s customer experience.

Check out our summary of the full hour-long conversation below, and follow Greg and Ann on Twitter for more specialized insights @VdHGreg and @MarketingProfs.