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Data-driven insights lead to exceptional customer engagement.

Learn more about digital transformation through the lens of digital customer engagement with a white paper from Forbes Insights.

The imperative for digital transformation (DX) for businesses is clear. “At this point it’s do or die for a lot of companies,” says Navin Sharma, Pitney Bowes vice president product management, Customer Information Management. Yet the lack of clarity around DX can make it a daunting task to contemplate, perhaps one reason that even businesses that understand the necessity to digitally transform have been slow to adapt. And as many businesses have already experienced declining value, those who track the market expect DX to increase quickly.

Digital transformation is a large topic that can be parsed any number of ways. However, research by McKinsey, in its 2014 Global Survey, has shown that digital engagement of customers is a primary motivator for business strategy with 69% of respondents rating it within the top three priorities for strategy, and 62% rating it the same for investment priority. The Digital Transformation white paper is focused through that lens, of digital customer engagement. A well-planned digital transformation initiative is essential to remaining competitive and can lead to customer interactions that are:

  • Timely
  • Hyper-personalized
  • Scalable
  • Relevant

To learn more about digital transformation, read Digital Transformation: Using data-driven insights for exceptional customer engagement, a Forbes Insights white paper sponsored by Pitney Bowes®.

Digital transformation challenges and solutions

Cost pressures and the challenges of replacing legacy systems are often cited as factors slowing adoption, in addition to the fast pace of technological change itself and the difficulty in keeping up. Businesses are already facing a steep climb up the learning curve on the technologies that underpin DX—cloud, big data, AI, machine learning, analytics—and what those mean for their industries.

Although digital transformation can be daunting when taken as a whole, it doesn’t need to be tackled all at once. Pitney Bowes’ Sharma suggests organizations will do better when they “go deep” in one channel rather than attempting to go across multiple channels right out of the gate.

Experts strongly emphasize getting the data right and ensuring there’s a plan, or roadmap. Getting quality data is “first and fundamental” to digital transformation, says Joe Francica, Managing Director, Geospatial Industry Solutions at Pitney Bowes. Dan Adams, VP of Data Product Management at Pitney Bowes, adds that it’s important that there’s a clear plan from the vendor for data, one that takes into account how all the disparate databases, files and records will be identified and digitized; what the process is to de-duplicate and validate that data; and how it will be integrated into systems going forward.

Part 1 of the Digital Transformation white paper provides such a roadmap. The paper also highlights perspectives from analysts, industry professionals and real-world users on the digital customer engagement transformation. And finally, it provides key takeaways and advice for businesses looking to invest in their own digital transformation journey.

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To learn more about best practices validated by leading global brands and experts that lead to improved customer interaction, download this Forbes Insights white paper, sponsored by Pitney Bowes:

Digital Transformation: Using data-driven insights for exceptional customer engagement

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