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And the award goes to…EngageOne® Video

By Loni Frazita, Product Content Manager, Communicate Software Solutions, Pitney Bowes

There is no mix up in the envelopes this time.  EngageOne Video received many awards recently and deserves a walk down the Red Carpet.  And, while it may not have won a Best Picture Award, the array of awards that EngageOne Video has picked up recently is just as exciting in the software world. 

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video is a new way to engage with customers through interactive personalized video. Most of us have had negative experiences when trying to get answers to questions from a utility or insurance company.  If you call, you are on hold for what seems like hours, only to have the customer service representative not give you the answer you need and worse, not even know anything about you.  If you try going to an online portal, it’s often difficult to navigate and find your answers there. EngageOne Video delivers interactive communications designed specifically for each viewer in real-time, so the customer gets tailored answers to their questions faster.  

Global Recognition

EngageOne Video defines the ideal customer experience for today’s consumers. It’s no wonder that brands and industry associations around the world are taking notice.

In Chile, Pitney Bowes was honored with an AMAUTA award by the Latin American Association of Digital and Interactive Marketing. The award was for innovation in customer interaction technologies with its customized EngageOne Video interactive video solution.



In France, EngageOne Video was honored with the Trophees de l’Assurance, an award for top innovations for the insurance sector.



In the U.K., Geoffrey’s Insurance, a Pitney Bowes client, won a Digital Insurance Award for Customer Experience. The nomination and winning entry celebrated EngageOne Video and its role in the transformation of Geoffrey’s customer experience. 

In addition, Geoffrey’s also won the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards for Innovation in Customer Service for their customer service videos, which are delivered through Pitney Bowes technology. Geoffrey’s beat BT Consumer, Genesys and Panasonic CARES in this category.

EngageOne Video Earns Double Awards from Ventana Research

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video won the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award, which recognizes technology providers that have introduced noteworthy business and IT innovations.   Ventana Research also published its perspective on PB’s Customer Engagement Solutions.

That wasn’t all. Ventana Research also announced Security First Insurance, a Pitney Bowes client, as one of the winners of their leadership awards. Security First Insurance was awarded the Operational Leadership Award for Customer Excellence, for its use of interactive personalized media via EngageOne Video.

In the Spotlight

EngageOne Video isn’t just getting recognition with awards, though. Our interactive personalized video solution is also helping clients with real-world use cases.

Take, for instance, the Japan-based Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Company’s announcement that it was utilizing EngageOne Video to help engage with and prepare Japanese homeowners for natural disasters, such as storms, floods and landslides, that may pose a threat to their properties.

There’s also our new partnership with Information Control Company LLC, based out of Columbus, OH, where EngageOne Video will play key a role in empowering both companies to transform the onboarding process and increase customer engagement across the retail and retail banking industries.

For more information on EngageOne Video and how to make your company’s customer service experience Red Carpet Ready, view our video demo.

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