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How insurance brands can break through with EngageOne Video

by Richard Ward, Global Market Manager, Insurance and Public Sector, Pitney Bowes

Insurance professionals face a uniquely challenging position. Their job is to sell a customer on a worst-case scenario and spend money now in the event that scenario happens in the future. Getting any kind of a conversion is a success in its own right, but managing to convince people of the need to prepare for a hypothetical rainy day can sometimes seem like a minor miracle from those of us outside the industry.

But, that’s just the thing: insurance isn’t a luxury that anyone can or should put off. Whether it’s taking out homeowner’s insurance or auto insurance, having adequate coverage in place can make all the difference if you’re faced with that worst-case scenario at some point down the line – that difference being whether you have to shell out thousands, potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars to rebuild what you lost.

Making that case to customers may not be easy, but insurance professionals might be making it harder on themselves than they have to. When it comes to offering a more compelling approach for customers to sign up for an insurance policy, video provides a unique and intuitive solution to an age-old problem.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Video’s power over swaying customers is, slowly but surely, becoming undeniable. Consider this: by 2018, video will be the source of nearly 80 percent of all internet traffic. Right now, 7 out of 10 say that watching interesting video content from a given brand gets them to view that brand more positively than they would otherwise.

Video has grown into such an influential tool with customers, that the question isn’t why should you integrate video as part of your marketing efforts, but rather, why shouldn’t you?

Going a Step Further with Interactive Personalized Video

Interactive Personalized Video offers the next logical evolution on that path. Because video has become so popular and prolific in recent years, it’s simply not enough to offer just video to your customers. You have to stand out from the pack, and deliver a compelling and engaging experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Interactive Personalized Video does exactly that by putting customers in the driver’s seat, ensuring that they’re creating meaningful engagements with your brand and directed to the information most relevant to their needs, thereby increasing the chances of a conversion. With Interactive Personalized Video, insurance professionals don’t have to make their case to the customer; instead, customers can effectively convince themselves of why they need coverage.

The benefits of Interactive Personalized Video go beyond just conversions, too. The interactive components of a solution like EngageOne® Video ensure that customers are further down the funnel once they finally speak with a sales rep, which not only accelerates the whole sales cycle but also ensures your teams are working more productively than ever. This added layer of interactivity between the lead and the brand also helps to bolster customer loyalty and acquisition while reducing churn rates as well.

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To learn more download our whitepaper on how EngageOne Video can help insurance brands with “Building a Customer-Centric Insurance Company

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