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3 takeaways from Forrester CXNYC 2016

By Scot A. Laudicina, Vice President – Cross Sell, Pitney Bowes Software

On June 21, hundreds of leaders and innovators in the CX field flocked to the New York Hilton Midtown for the annual Forrester CXNYC, a two-day session on all things customer engagement: the state of the industry, successful CX use cases that drive leads and customer relationships, and what the future of CX may look like. Pitney Bowes was among those attending, not just as a spectator in the sessions held by dozens of industry thought leaders, but with a booth presence on the floor, too.

It was an eye-opening and rewarding experience, one that shed light not only on where we’re going as an industry, but how we believe that Pitney Bowes is uniquely positioned to capture what customers are looking for with cutting-edge, ahead-of-the-curve CX tools.

Here are a few of our key takeaways from the 2016 Forrester CXNYC:

An Even Playing Field for Brands Serious About CX

CXNYC attracts a lot of big-name companies to attend and speak: Citibank, Oracle, Ford and AT&T, to name a couple. But, there were plenty more brands on the show floor that we had never heard of before. That’s not meant as a slight, either. Just the opposite: it was quite gratifying to see how seamlessly both the bigger and smaller brands were interacting with one another, whether on stage together or at their booths, sharing customer stories and demonstrating their engagement solutions. It really reinforces the idea of CXNYC as a hub for all companies that are serious about bolstering their CX game, providing an even playing field for anyone truly invested in CX innovation to speak their mind, regardless of how big they are outside of the convention.

In addition to what we learned at Forrester CXNYC, check out the presentation we gave at the event on data-driven customer communications and interactive personalized video engagement:

The Benefits of CX are Universal

Going hand-in-hand with that first takeaway was the realization that CX is a truly universal issue. Different brands may engage with different audiences in different industries, and may have different tools at their disposal to drive engagement and customer interactions, but at the end of the day, all customers are still just people, who respond to many of the fundamentals in similar ways.

This became especially clear when Ford shared its story, discussing how the company is focusing beyond just engaging customers on a dealership level and increasingly adopting tech-driven, multichannel solutions that provide meaningful and relevant customer interactions in more ways than just the time-tested face-to-face conversation. For one of America’s oldest and most venerable brands, this was a clear signal that every brand is equally challenged to drive customer interactions and must pursue a more robust multichannel strategy for engaging with those customers.  

Video is the New Frontier in Customer Engagement

Perhaps most surprising of all, though, was how relatively little attention video received at the show. Many of the companies attending did not have much of anything to show for video engagement tools, which drove many people on the show floor to ask us about EngageOne Video, and some industry or vertical-specific applications (for example, the retail sector) of interactive personalized video.

To be sure, video is a young but growing space in the customer engagement field. We expect plenty more niche players to emerge in the coming years, and for bigger brands to announce video company acquisitions. But, in this regard, Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video is ahead of the curve, and the more we can demonstrate its use in driving engagement, regardless of industry, the more we’ll see companies jump on the video bandwagon.

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video represents the ‘next big thing’ in customer engagement: a cutting-edge, interactive personalized video tool that does for customer engagement today what SMS and email marketing did years ago. Click here to learn more about how EngageOne Video ties into our Communicate Solutions engagement initiative. For a free demo of how EngageOne Video works, click here.

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