Customer Engagement

How USPS is Using Video to Create Modern Mailing Experiences

By Alexander Neely, Reporter, DM News

The USPS has officially launched a technological effort to modernize the mailing experience by utilizing Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video, a customer engagement solution, for its Informed Delivery campaigns.

With the help of the EngageOne Video platform, the Informed Delivery campaign can integrate the hard-copy mail with a digital experience, by delivering a daily preview about what is headed to their mailbox and providing interactive links with details about the content of the mail.

“For example, a senior in high school may receive hard-copy mail from a college, along with an email providing a link to personalized content,” says David Schwartz, U.S. vice president of sales at Pitney Bowes.

The Informed Delivery notification not only generates a coordinated impression for the intended recipient, it also provides potential additional impressions for other members of the household. Read more

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