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Three things consumers want YOU to know about engaging successfully

Want to communicate effectively with your customers? Be aware: they have very specific preferences. Here are three things you need to do right to keep them loyal.

01. Be there.

Over 85% of consumers surveyed want you to use a mix of physical and digital channels. Email, text and web are great, and make sure you’ve got a person in the store or on the other end of the phone. But watch out. The channels Millennials want are different from Gen Y, Gen X or Boomers — so getting it right is not as easy as it sounds.


02. Get personal.

Consumers are issuing a call to action: make it all about ME. They want a connection that is directly and obviously related to their lives and needs and purchase history — not a poorly executed random act of data application.


03. Be seamless.

How much do you hate having to start your story all over again when you switch from one channel (say, chat) to another (like phone)? Consumers do too: 71% say be seamless or they will abandon your brand — perhaps forever.

These are just three of the findings of a recent research study from Pitney Bowes and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, “Critical Channels of Choice.” Read the full report to learn more about consumers’ channel preferences, what’s trending in and out, and what is the one channel they can’t live without.

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