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Invigorate customer engagement while lowering postage costs

By Kevin Ricks, Director of Product Management, Communications Delivery Solutions, Pitney Bowes

Beginning January 15, the U.S. Postal Service opened registration for its 2016 USPS® Postal Incentive for Emerging and Advanced Technology/Video in Print promotion. While the name may be a bit of a mouthful, the idea behind it is pretty straightforward: encouraging brands to evolve their tried and true mailing and shipping operations to create new channels of interaction with their customers. In this case, integrating mobile and personalized interactive video technologies directly into mail and shipments in order to improve service and create a more engaging brand experience while maintaining the relevance of mail and shipping.

The promotion specifically calls for brands to utilize a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Video in Print (ViP), Beacon technology or enhanced Augmented Reality features as part of their mailing campaigns. Not only does this allow for more interactive experiences from highly scanned and read mail, it also fosters online interaction with a customer’s mobile device to ensure better visibility for the sender while also accommodating the needs of the average recipient.

To sweeten the deal, the Postal Service is granting businesses that meet these requirements a 2 percent discount on eligible postage. And while this particular promotion only lasts until the end of August, it will help a lot of brands that rely on direct mail with a strategy to engage with customers through new channels without disruption to critical mail and shipping operations.  Brands benefit by saving money on postage and customers become more engaged with what that brand has to offer.

Brands that want to take advantage of this opportunity – both to reap the discount of the USPS promotion but also expand their mailing engagement capabilities through new channels of engagement – should look to interactive personalized video. This solution offers a more engaging way for brands to connect with customers, providing a means for customers to create their own experiences, interacting with the most relevant points of interest for them. Rather than bombarding customers with blanket message mailing, personalized interactive video puts the power in their hands to extrapolate what they might prioritize out of your mailing campaigns.

Pitney Bowes’ EngageOne Video offers businesses a solution for upgrading their customer engagement operations for a 21st century audience, while also taking advantage of the Postal Service’s Emerging and Advanced Technology/Video in Print promotion.