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Customer Engagement

Why Better Interactivity Means Better Results

By Erika Trautman, CEO/Co-Founder of Rapt Media

There’s no question that video has emerged as the clear front-runner in the never-ending race to captivate and motivate audiences. According to recent data from Cisco, video will account for a whopping 80 percent of web traffic by 2019. In 2016 alone, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube saw more than 20 billion video views per day.

Don’t be fooled by the numbers. Despite the popularity of video, video content must compel audiences to feel and/or act in order to be most effective. When this is done successfully, companies reap tremendous results. A 2015 report from Axonn found that 70 percent of customers view brands more positively after watching interesting video content.

So what makes compelling video content?

I believe it’s all about customization. Consumers want content tailored to their interests and needs, and they’ll go out of their way to support and follow brands that provide it. Utilizing interactive technology allows consumers to make choices and provide input, which in turns caters their video experience directly to them.

This begins with enhancing personalization, branching, and data integration. All three are already in use in Pitney Bowes’ EngageOne Video experiences, and all three will be even more effective thanks to a new partnership between Pitney Bowes and Rapt Media. 

Credit card
Online banking



Auto insurance

Rapt Media has partnered with Pitney Bowes to produce video templates that makes it easier for clients to test out the interactive video experiences for a specific application. Clients can deploy this new experience to their customers within a matter of weeks, and learn from it before investing in a fully customized, and deeply interactive experience with EOV.


The result: a speedy ROI cycle. The new templates address common, pre-defined business pain points, building in best-video-practices for driving results right from the beginning. The templates include a personalized walk-through of new checking and credit card accounts, an explanation of auto insurance setup and options, and education on billing charges. 

But how do we ensure that the new interactive video templates are as effective as they can be? How do we leverage technology to drive measurable behavior change for our clients?

First, it’s all about data. Personalized interactive content is created based on what we already know about a consumer. What’s their name, where are they located, what’s their history with us? The end result simulates a live, one-on-one discussion that’s highly personalized and human-like.

Next, it’s about inviting the viewer to participate through branching content, in which the video asks questions and gives the viewer choices. When a viewer interacts, it fills in data gaps where we don’t already know his or her preferences and it’s especially useful for driving behaviors that matter to businesses. This kind of interactivity, which is particularly effective for customer and employee education, training, or onboarding, just so happens to be Rapt Media’s specialty.

And finally, it’s about analytics—tracking and recording viewer behavior that enables clients to consistently improve the customer viewing experience and deliver relevant and meaningful communications every time.

EngageOne Video has been a game-changer in the industry, largely fueled by Pitney Bowes’ superior data integration capabilities driving real-time personalization. With the addition of Rapt Media’s capabilities, EngageOne Video is offering something clients can’t get anywhere else: rapidly deployed, personalized interactive videos with built-in best-in-class content expertise. The combination impacts business outcomes like no other digital strategy, and together, our clients will accelerate their digital transformation journey, boosting their ability to reach, engage and motivate their customers, employees and target audiences.

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