Personalized content for billing and on-demand correspondence.

Content Author

Create dynamic, personalized content for billing, account statements and on-demand correspondence.

Allow business users and marketing teams to manage the messaging on statements and other communications. Enable marketers to see messages in context and format. Benefit from built-in workflow and approval. Deploy as a web app—desktop access not required.

Treat your customers like the individuals they are with effective personalized content. Create and manage tailored messages and promotional material to include in bills and account statements.

With Content Author business users and marketing teams can easily manage the messaging on statements and other communications pull customer intelligence
from a variety of source and match individual customers to chosen criteria.

Content Author makes it simple to create edit review and approve promotional material online and in minutes.  Marketers can see messages in context and format. Benefit from built-in workflow and approval.
Content Author is a user-friendly web-based application that seamlessly connects sophisticated customer messaging with a server-based library for remote access. You can use Content Author to:

  • Provide a centralized location for users across your organization to create edit and approve content
  • Control messaging white space use workflow timeframes and priorities
  • Pre-set user profiles security settings and message formats to ensure brand consistency
  • Embed colorful eye-catching and targeted messages in customer documents

Create dynamic personalized content for on-demand correspondence. Easily add tailored information promotions and messages to your must-read billing and account communications.

Data-driven personalization. Use data-selection criteria from a number of sources and embed personalized information such as customer name date of birth etc. without impacting the underlying document design.

High-impact content. Add one-to-one messages and colorful graphics to any communication in minutes—with no IT support required.

Expedited workflow. Easily manage the process from creation editing testing and deployment—even when multiple departments are involved. And update key document content without having to retest the underlying application.

Improved control. Utilize built-in workflows to manage the message approval and production process. Control messaging white-space use workflow timeframes content and prioritize messages based on customer profiles and regulatory requirements.

Anywhere access. Edit create and approve messages and graphics anytime anywhere. Content Author is user-friendly and browser-based.