Streamline complex, multi-site printing operations.

EngageOne® Output Manager (EM Edition)

Streamline complex, multi-site printing operations with EngageOne Output Manager (EM Edition) for peer-to-peer configuration across multiple sites, enabling you to easily balance printing workloads and provide critical overflow or disaster recovery capabilities.

Centralized and Automated Workflow
Organizations today are under pressure to improve bottom line performance by improving the efficiency of the document production workflow. They also face significant challenges in integrating competing standards optimizing document integrity meeting service level agreements (SLAs) adding value to documents with highlight color and managing multi-site multi-vendor multi-platform environments.

The key to improving your processes and your documents is intelligent document management technology that optimizes every step of the workflow—from job event alerts to job level tracking to managing finishing devices. EngageOne Output Manager (EM Edition) (formerly, P/I™ Enterprise Manager) is an advanced Unix-based enterprise output management solution that reduces costs by automating manual processes balancing workloads and maximizing your organization’s print assets.

  • Robust solution for centralizing print job management and control
  • Powerful rules based workflow tool for automating regular job processing tasks
  • Automated multi-site job distribution for workload balancing and disaster recovery
  • Drives printers natively or integrates with EngageOne Output Manager for print stream transformation
  • Extensive centralized job accounting and reporting
  • Host based job submission clients for IBM z/OS Unix and windows environments
  • Job event alerts based on pre-determined event triggers.
  • Integrates with finishing and document tracking systems
  • Automatic routing of JES2 & JES3 spool files to the server without JCL changes
  • End-to-end job tracking.
  • Automatic resource checking downloading and synchronization