Automated Full Service IMb postal documentation for mixed-weight First-Class Mail®

DFWorks Full Service IMb Postal Manifesting

Easily move to USPS® Full Service IMb® manifesting while maintaining workflow flexibility.

Simplify your workflow by producing a single Full Service IMb manifest composed of multiple jobs. The DFWorks Full Service IMb Postal Manifesting module helps you increase overall efficiency with on-the-fly pallet and tag creation based on completed trays.
  • Support mail entry of finished mail pieces even if the total mailing is not complete
  • Pay only the postage you need with dynamic manifest updates based on actual production data
  • Provide accurate postage chargeback reporting through tight integration with postage accounting

Supported Server Environment

Intel based, Windows 2008 R2, VMWare virtualization


Oracle Standard Edition

Customer Communications Environment: Physical Channels

All print, inserter and mail sorter types (limited functions for non-PB)

Customer Communications Environment: Digital Channels

Supports Volly™, P/I OfficeMail™, composition engines

Data Collection methods

Interface to PB equipment, txt files, hand scanner, manual entry

Data Access Methods

Built in Report Wizard, Dispatched CSV, protected DB views

Report Export Formats


Dispatched Reports

Email or Folder location; RTF, PDF or CSV format


Email triggered by system Event

Mail Class

First-Class Mail® only



Postage Payment

Permit / Manifest

Manifest Output

Mail.dat, PDF


Unlimited # of pallets, includes Intelligent Container barcode creation

Customer Supplier Agreement (CSA) Management

Imports USPS CSA data files, can hold multiple files to support rollovers