Automated Job Setup and Insert Plan Management to Improve Process Integrity

DFWorks® Mailrun Management

Use Mailrun Management to dramatically improve job setup efficiency and productivity and reduce labor-intensive processes.

The Mailrun Management (MRM) module provides a process control and job management solution to simplify inserter setup for operators and improve reporting accuracy of print-and-mail jobs from start to finish. In addition the Mailrun Management infrastructure provides the basis for accurate and automated job tracking using the DFWorks Production Workflow module.

DFWorks Mailrun Management (MRM) is a job setup automation solution that works in conjunction with your DC inserters and/or Mailstream Monitor workstations. DFWorks MRM simplifies job setup by entering all of the information (i.e. Job name chargeback account postage meter setting piece weight and more) associated with the job into DC.

The Insert Plan Management feature centralizes insert plans and delivers up-to-date information directly to the operator helping to ensure that the right material gets loaded for each job. Insert plans can be displayed on any MSM or InSite workstation to support non-DC inserters or manual work stations

  • Improved productivity
  • Minimal training an intuitive process
  • Accurate automated reporting
  • No wasted postage
  • Higher integrity mail
  • Faster setup less material waste
  • Correctly assembled mail