Boost the timeliness and efficiency of your paper and digital production.

EngageOne® Enrichment

Control active print streams, and easily enhance and modify print-ready files in real time, without disrupting operations.

Strengthen customer relationships, maximize postal savings and optimize revenue potential. Control your active print streams and easily enhance and modify print-ready files in real time—without disrupting operations. —and boost the timeliness accuracy and efficiency of your paper and digital document production.

The EngageOne Enrichment (formerly, StreamWeaver®) print stream engineering and distributed output management solution facilitates advanced distribution strategies for both hard-copy printing and digital documents so you can quickly respond to new opportunities and changing business requirements.

Work with print-ready files created by your existing applications; and deliver high-quality high-speed implementation of document consolidation personalization and target marketing as well as Intelligent Mail® barcoding file-based processing and postal automation.

From integration with external programs to custom programming logic EngageOne Enrichment offers solutions for all your print stream needs.

Create more effective communications

  • Improve targeting and customize communications using one-to-one messaging and selective inserting
  • Extract and present print stream data in electronic document formats–providing your customers with an enhanced website experience

Gain added flexibility—with or without IT involvement

  • Update modify and redirect print streams on the fly
  • Run applications using a programming syntax that works with most popular business document formats
  • Enable easy analysis development and testing with built-in tools – including WYSIWYG viewers
  • Achieve more with options specifically geared for multiple audiences including developers IT staff and end-users

Reduce printing and mailing costs

  • Streamline the document creation and distribution processes
  • Match documents with the same destination combine them into a single envelope to reduce postal expense and increase mail deliverability
  • Apply postal automation to all mailings at a central point to maximize your postal savings
  • Control postal costs and meet changing USPS® requirements
  • Integrate your print stream with postal coding and move update solutions to improve mail delivery

Easily integrate advanced tools to tackle complex business problems

  • Save on postage with data quality and mailing efficiency solutions
  • Facilitate internal customer support and external customer self-service by integrating e-Billing and Account Management solutions
  • Deliver e-presentment e-payment archiving OAM and e-service capability – all in a comprehensive modular solution

Supported operating systems

  • Mainframe Windows® systems Unix® and Linux