Manage complex and highly diverse output technology infrastructures.

EngageOne® Output Manager

With EngageOne Output Manager software, you benefit from greater operational efficiency, productivity and accountability.

Managing today's document output requirements consumes valuable time labor and printer productivity. With the relentless pace of technology and the burden of legacy systems many organizations struggle with complex closed and highly diverse output technology infrastructures. Ultimately the result is significant increases in operating costs.

The EngageOne Output Manager (formerly, P/I™ Output Manager) unique architecture optimizes your document workflow and frees you from the limitations of proprietary vendors and data streams. The key is robust print management functionalities that include everything from data stream transformation resource management and automated reprinting to enhanced production control and convenient viewing before during and after output.

  • Real-time processing text based any-to-any print stream transformation and generation of electronic output (PDF XML or TIFF)
  • Centralized printer control resource management and job-level accounting
  • Output device and vendor independence
  • Flexibility to view documents before during or after output
  • Automated reprinting for reduced costs and rapid reprinting
  • Output transfer across local or wide area networks in a wide range of formats
  • Flexible connectivity options to accept data from a variety of legacy hosts
  • Intelligent resource downloads based on data and time stamping
  • Scalability from one server driving one printer to a full client/server configuration driving multiple production printers
  • WYSIWYG proofing for easy application development/testing before production

Enable any print stream to be sent to EngageOne Output Manager for all common PDLs with checkpoint restart and compression capabilities using JESConnect. By combining JESConnect with EngageOne Output Manager  software you have a highly effective server-based replacement for IBM PSF. When combined with the RESConnect module it supports automated host-to-server resource management intelligently downloading job resources from an MVS or z/OS mainframe to VIP via TCP/IP. Supporting AFP and LCDS/Metacode resources RESConnect minimizes CPU cycles and network I/O by only downloading resources required for jobs.