Aggregate enterprise desktop mail into the production facility.

P/I OfficeMail™

P/I OfficeMail makes it easy to move office mail from the desktop to a centralized production environment.  It provides an automated process, optimizing postal discounts, and adds integrity that the right document is inserted in the right envelope and mailed to the correct address.

P/I OfficeMail™ provides enterprise desktop users to create and submit customer communications documents to a centralized print-and-mail operations or off-site production facility to gain economy-of-scale quality control and the ability to track and manage every customer communication. P/I Office Mail provides an easy-to-use web portal to help enterprise users to create personalized direct communications to their customers. Mail generated from desktop applications can then be combined pre-sorted commingled and delivered via the most effective channel.

  • Improve staff productivity by moving desktop-produced communications to a centralized production environment
  • Optimize postal savings
  • Increase mail quality and integrity
  • Reduce mailpiece unit costs
  • Get business communications to market faster
  • Integrates with VIP = P/I™ Output Manager and VDE = P/I™ Output Enhancement and DFWorks automated document factory solutions for increased efficiency

P/I OfficeMail Data Sheet